coolant use

Took my 650R on a cross country ride the other day. We covered mostly jeep and forest service roads totalling about 85 miles. The jeep road was fairly technical however, rutted rocks, 1st and 2nd gear stuff for at least half of the 85 miles. When I got back I noticed that I had lost some coolant. It was at the high mark when I started and now its down below the low mark. I can't smell any coolant and it hasn't boiled over when I'm riding. The oil looks clean on the stick. The bike is uncorked and I'm running a 1.6 cap with devol radiator guards. It was warm here in AZ that weekend, probably mid 90's. Any ideas? :)

One year ago I was riding in tight tech stuff, slow riding and hot as heck, no wind. I was uncorked. Bike started boiling over real bad, after much discussion and looking at the alternatives, I went with EVANS NPG, waterless engine coolant. I changed out the regular coolant with this stuff and never looked back. probem solved. It is not cheap but it solves the over heating problem. I have the stock 1.1 cap and I have never boiled over since. I have not even had to top off the over flow tank. This stuff is great.

There are many other options and opinions,but this is simple and it WORKS. :)

Potects from -40 F to 375 F

Do some homework on the web and check it out!!

I bought the bike used and it had some red coolant in it. Who makes red coolant? I drained it and put the Honda coolant back in the bike. Thats what I ran in a previous 650R and never had any trouble with useage or overheating.

Don't use tap water........Maybe check your thermostat..... :)

I used the HRC 50/50 mix. Just dump it in and your ready to go.

yeah defiantely check your thermostat mine was stuck open, I use castrol anti freeze anti boil and mix it 50/50 with distilled water just like honda says too :)

Engine Ice and a 1.8 cap are pretty hard to beat, I ride in the desert year round and never boil over.

You may also want to consider installation of a cooling fan, like the ones that came stock on the Honda Transalp 600-twin dual-sport. Slim, compact, quiet.. Honda still makes the fans.

yeah but the standard 650 lighting coil won't have the power to run it, I tried a low power computer fan and it spins but really really slowly :)

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