450 jetting for 7000+ feet?

We are gettin' ready to head up to Colorado for a few weeks of single track trails with the majority of the stuff being around 7000 feet with a few runs up to 10000 feet. Does anybody have any jetting recommendations for that kind of altitude running a stock 03 YZ450?

Thanks in advance,


All I have is for the 426 I would be happy to send it to you as a point of reference.

Ditto what Cheeze said.

But, based on my experience w/ this w/ a few other bikes, it if were me I'd go ahead and go 2 sizes leaner on pilot, main, and clip position right off the bat. That will be worlds better than stock, that is for certain.

Hope this helps.

Dude, did you not see the stickyd thread right above here?????^^^^^^


It has you model of bike, which is mine and the same altitude setup since I live in CO and ride in the area you are interested in.. :):):D:D

Thanks fellas. I saw the jetting link but didn't bother going through it as I was looking for some unusual jetting specs, little did I know that you had the info I needed 3 posts from the top. I'm totally stoked about the trip, have your ridden around Taylor Park Resevoir north of Gunnison much?

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