scotts damper set up

i've had a set of scotts short offset triple clamps done & i've asked mark at two-dads for a damper instead of the YZ tank i had ordered.

did someone say that you have to tell scotts how far forward your bars are set & they sort a post to match? my bars are now 40mm forward of original for a '99.

my rubber breather from the tank doesn't rub the bar where it enters the top of the steering post.

with bars this far forward what do i need to say to mark when ordering.



You can either describe your setup, and, if it is common (but w/ you is anything?) they will know the dimensions.

OR you can make the requisite measurements yourself. There is a Barclamp Selection Guide on the Scott’s site that outlines the measurements needed.

The damper mounts directly to the bar clamp, so if you adjust the fore/aft placement of you bars once you have the damper it will no longer line up correctly with the post. This is the main drawback of this system, you must select you bar position and stick with it as the damper mount is not adjustable.

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