Steering Dampener Recommendations

I've got a 2004 WR450 that I just love :) I'ts got balls out power which I've learned to love to tap into on pipeline and powerline roads as well as long washes. The front end tends to get a little wobbly in the soft sand and gravel at high speed. I'm looking into putting a steering dampener on my birthday wish list. Looking at the Scott's and the GPR. I saw that the GPR can be bought with a remote adjuster which would be cool.

I was wondering what kind you guys run and how you like 'em?

Gidday Mate,

If you do a search on "steering damper", you will get plenty of posts to read about. Everyone has their own reasons for liking a particular brand. happy reading. :)



It is really down to two real choices, SCOTTS and GPR. :)

Both are great but I perfer the GPR myself :)

Search the forum, tons of info. That's what I did. I settled on the Scotts due to the variety of riding I do. It's really nice that you can set the sweep of the damper, so it will only dampen a certain amount of degrees of center. This way, if you have to do tight turns in the woods, you don't have to fight the damper if you have it set at full stiff with the base valve. Also, if you crank down the damping, you still get high speed damping. Not sure, but I think the GPR has a high speed circuit as well, but it is not adjustable. As far as remote damper adjustment, nice feature, but if you get a Scotts and have it mounted on top (not sub-bar mounted), you can get the large knob which makes adjustments on the fly easy (unless you are racing).

I got a GPR for my wifes bike, but haven't tried it yet. Looks like a nice unit, but not as detailed as the Scotts. The link arm is a good example. Anyways, I won't go any further, but from reading the various threads, what it came down to for a lot of people was that GPR will service the damper for free if you mail it to them, while Scotts charge you unless you do it yourself. Scotts now have the service instructions on their website. They recommend some special tools though. I haven't serviced mine yet, but I'm sure you can get away without tools, or search TT for info on servicing the Scotts unit and I'm sure you'll find info.

Also, I was considering the RTT unit since it is a really nice and clean setup, but not sure how well it holds up and so on. Than again, since it is not as popular, it will be harder to find on eBay!!!

I have a RTT damper (its for damping the steering not getting it wet :) )and am very happy with it. I use the handlebar control when I am in tight single track. The rest of the time I leave it at a setting of five. It is also nice because you get a great triple clamp in it as well.

I agree with speedblitz. Scott's it the only one that you can adjust how much of your sweep will be affected. I guess it all depends if you race or trail ride.

I just bought and installed ther GPR 2.0, for my 05 WR450, it works great.

Reasons to buy this one:

1) Mounts sub Bars so you don't break your jaw on it in a crash.

2) Large adjusting knob settings 1-8, I can adjust while riding no problem (I wouldn't waste the extra money for the remote adjuster).

3) Raises the bars 0.5", much more control and comfort for me at 6'1".



I have a Scott's on my 00 400. I did do a first ride impression about 6 months ago if you look in the archives. A couple of weekends ago I traded off with a friend who has a YZ 426. Like nearly all the posts say, when you put it on you will not necessarily notice a big difference. But when you switch to a bike that does not have one, the benefit is dramatically apparent. I am sure that the device has kept my nose out of the dirt on several occasions without question. Great wishlist item and glad I finally quit grossing about it and made the purchase. You will definitely enjoy it! :)

gpr and scotts are both excellent. i went with gpr 2.0. i wanted the raise with the bars. i only wanted one dial to worry about. i wouldn't ride desert without a damper.

Scotts on all 3 of my bikes! :)

Scott's on my bikes, GPR's on my quads.


What has the TOTAL cost of a Scotts setup been for you guys? Where did you buy them? Are they fairly easy to install yourself? Thanks in advance.

I have the Scotts Damper on my bike and it works great, however, I would get the GPR 3 because it has underbar mounting without raising the bars significantly and you can adjust it on the fly. I guess you can get the large knob for adjusting the Scott's damper, but I'm always riding too fast to take one hand off the bars. The GPR 3 has a grip shift style adjuster that allows you to adjust the low speed damping without moving your hands from the grips. What a great feature!

I love my scotts, with the large knob. Its a breeze to install and the dampner with mount was right around $400.00 Oh and by the way if you go that route have it welded not bolt on, trust me on that one. :)

I have the bolt on mount welded on, cuz it didnt want to stay on. :)

I just installed a gpr v2 on my 426. I have never ridden with one but thought it would help with the headshake. I have only taken it out once and the difference is subtle. I didn't really notice it but I did seem to be more confident. The bike just felt more controlable and I never felt any headshake at all. It was easy to install, less than 2 hours.

I just put one on my 04 WR450 and it is SWEET!!!!!!!! Here is the system I got:

I chose the Scotts as I want to be able to take the unit from bike to bike. Still undermount though. SICK

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