Plastics protection

Just wondering if many people bother to put some sort of plastic protector over your tank/tank shrouds etc to stop the rubbing marks from your knees and legs.

I just did my first ride in rather wet conditions and the amount of rubbing, abrasion to my side of the tank and shrouds was amazing after the one ride. Do many people bother placing some sort of protection clear sheeting on your plastics? My air box has also copped a pounding so I will defiantly try and find something to cover this.

Do many of you bother? If so, what do you recommend?

3M Clear works good.

Naw man, it's a dirt bike not a mercedes.

I use the 3M clear vinyl on my airbox sides, the thick stuff that is normally used for car headlight protection. It's been on for nearly three years now, still looks great. :) If you're going for a ride in bad conditions, just stick duct tape over your tank/shrouds/sidecovers, then rip it off after your ride. I've done this to prevent scratches in the past, whenever i've gone on tight trails, where you can't avoid branches etc. If you do put duct tape on your tank, remove it at your earliest opportunity. The duct tape will stop the tank from 'breathing', and if you have graphics under the duct tape, they will bubble. Don't ask me how I found this out..... :)

Thanks guys, just purchased that 3M stuff. Going to install it now.


Where is a good place to buy the 3M stuff? Home Depot? Lowe's? Elliot's Hardware?

Simply get some mop-n-glo and aplyit to your plastics every wash

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