Stupid Fork Oil Height Question

XR650R: Fork oil 105 to 110 mm from the top....with the springs out? Quick help appreciated as I am doing this right now at work.

I'm off to check to see if it is spelled out for idiots like me.

120mm to 105mm with springs removed, forks collapsed. I found it in the service manual. Imagine that?

Doing it at work huh. You lucky S.O.B. Most work I can do here mechanically related is sharpen a pencil. And that's tough!

Yes, I have a good gig. I try not to take advantage of it too often, but once in a while... Now I just have to throw in the stiffer shock spring and I will actually have my bike set up for me! I am expecting a different animal.

Yeah when I had my bike re-sprung it made a huge difference. New animal, try new rider.

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