RSW Fork Brace

Who's running one of these? I know some of you are. My question is how did you install it? What did you torque the bolts to? Did you put it on a stand or just slap it on there? I have one and ran it, but it seems to give the bike a vibration at speed and generally make the bike feel funny. All I have read about the product has been good I just don't get why it's acting like it is. I finally took it off. I only weigh 170 could that be a problem? maybe it's too stiff now? Any help would be great. If not I have one for sale. Thanks.

I'll take it off your hands if you can't figure out what's wrong.

I doubt it's your weight though.

The only thing I can thik of is maybe somehow you put it on crooked. Have someone hold it straight up and install it then maybe?

You have to loosen the axle cap before you put it on. Make sure it does not pull the forks in as you tighten it. if it does it is no good. If it pulls the fork in as you make it tight (or out) it will make the seals leak.

When you tighten the axle cap, you have to tighten the top first then the bottom. They should only be tighten 9 foot pounds

Thanks man.

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