2005 wr450f throttle stop screw

Has anyone just cut down the stock screw to save $14.00 dollars on a YZ screw. If so, anyone have the length to be cut off fo the WR screw, and yes I know too much is a bad thing.

Here's the published procedure:

The throttle stop screw is located at the rear of the throttle "disk" assembly, and points almost vertically, tilted slightly towards 1 o'clock as you view from the right side of the bike (Figure 2).

Using a 4mm hex head wrench, preferably one with a ball head, back out the throttle stop screw. There is Loctite on the threads so the initial going will be tough.

The throttle stop screw measures ~1.30" (33mm) while the STEM only measures ~1.10" (28mm).

The throttle stop should be cut to a total length of 0.975" (24.765mm) or a stem length of 0.790" (20mm) in order to match the YZF's full travel. Use a hacksaw or Dremel cut-off saw to make the cut. Cut on the long side and then file to the final length, clean off any burrs and provide a slight chamfer around the circumference (Figure 3).

Coat the now-bright cut end of the throttle stop with some light grease to guard against corrosion. Put everything together, again using some Loctite on the throttle stop threads.

Have fun!

Anywhere that I could get that article. and thanks for the info. :)

In my opinion its in your best interest to just buy the new screw. If you cut it too short you run the risk of the throttle sticking wide open on you, and if you cut it too long, you wont be getting full power out of it. For the amount of power increase that you are gonna get, its best to do it the right way.

Buy the YZ screw. Your piece of mind is worth $12, right?...SC

My 01 WR 426 has the throttle stop screw removed. When i bought the bike last year it was popping at very high revs. Changed jetting and to make a long story short it was popping because the throttle screw was removed. From the people that i've spoken with it isn't going to hurt the bike as the bike pops at too high a rev to keep it from blowin and it tells me when i've gone too far with the throttle.

What if the cables get stuck? Why not just put it back in and have it stop before it starts poping?

Running without the throttle stop is a very bad thing.. :)

Imagine what happens if the whack the throttle hard, the stop prevents possible carb damage in situations like these.

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