NOTHING to do with motorcycles

Know what's real embarrassing?

When your legs fall a sleep while on the crapper at work and you can't walk out of the bathroom.

Man! I hate it when that happens!



What's worse is when you have to use the ladies bathroom for one reason (...or another...) and you find out after THE ACT there is no toilet paper. Talk about a real crappy position to be in! :)


Your sittin' on the pot too long. If it gets real bad try standin' up and takin' a jump shot every so often...

Good luck :)

Try working with cold steel in freezing temps and then having to go take a wizz with ice cold hands!


Bryan: What did you do? Sleep it off in there?

By the way, ever notice from looking at the feet of the guy in a stall how he has his pants down around his ankles soaking up all the juices on the floor around the terlet?

How 'bout when you are at a pool swimming. You go into the John (of course named after the world famous creator of our toilets - John Crapper) and the floor is all wet. You are barefoot and it's like "I really hope this IS a puddle of water I am standing in".

I am sorry, but that is NASTY. I may be a chick, but I have to draw the line somewhere! :)

How about it's December 16 and you are out dragging cod off the Maine coast. The only place to dump is in a white bucket while a 4ft chop on 6 ft rollers are making you kind of queezy. Messy messy. Captian was not happy with me that day.

...yeah Mike... that's why your captain said he calls you "poop deck paul" now......hehehe

Speaking of crappy positions...

"American Pie", you remember?

I'm sitting here laughing out loud...

I dont know if this is true but I heard :) if you urinate off a roof in below zero temperatures it will freeze before it hits the ground.


Hmmmm...girls crap too??

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