450 top end?

I want to know what kind of milage I can expect from 50-50 onroad and trails, before I'll need a piston kit and how long for valves and springs. I'm comming off a sportbike, so I'm sure I'll be using the throttle a lot. What is the factory recomended times for rebuilds? Thanks

12,000 miles or 1,000 hours of operation and then you need to rebuild top end and crank/piston and all new bearings seals clutch baskets etc. :)

So, 12000 miles and then basically a full overhual. Does the crank need to be inspected or is it best to replace it? Is that info from personal experiance or from yamaha? Thanks, any and all info is helpfull.

You have to replace the crank since the timing chain sprocket is part of the crank and gets badly hooked. My motor was completely rebuilt at 12,400. miles and it was really starting to run bad. I got over 15,000. miles on her now. :)

you don't do pistons any sooner than that eather?

Thanks allot guys, thank you for the information. :)

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