Prevent engine Damage

Ive had little experience with the yzf's and wr's but I found that they tend to like to damage the right side engine cover with the rear brake pedal. In crashes or when smashing the pedal down it will smack into the cover slowly wearing it down over time making it weak. A friends Yzf400 has been welded twice due to a hole. I used tool box foam since its real thin and was available. Weather stripping could also work. I used about 4-5mm of foam and tapped it to the brake pedal between the engine and lever. This way theres foam hitting the engine rather than metal to metal. I ran tape in the spacing that forms the triangle on the peddle to support the foam. Ive ridden only like an hour, the tape/foam hasnt melted and the engine looks good. Just wanted to spread the word to save time and money. Will try to get pics if people are interested. Ed

Sounds like your pedal is bent in too far?

I agree, never had a problem once with my bike.

i too have fallen a few times and still no problems!

maybe you just have to fall on it the right way to cause damage like that... and my case only has very light wear marks on it

A brake pedal should move up and down, not right to left. Check the pivot points, something is worn out or the pedal is just bend. Putting foam in between will probably cause drag and make the fluid overheat to fast. My boots are the only things scatching my 426's covers.

Some hardware stores and bike shops have clear plastic sheet adhesive and it will take the heat with slight yellowing. I rub my boot on the clutch cover but never the brake lever. I have repainted the cover for looks and will put the plastic on to stop rubbing. Thanks for your suggestion. Safe riding.

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