Picking up the new bike tomorrow, words of wisdom?

Got the call today my WR450f has arrived, going to pick it up tomorrow! Anybody have any last words of wisdom, or demands I should make before signing the paperwork? :)

Thanks for all the advice guys, and especially Dale at trick dual for all his help!



Don't get it dirty.

-radguards AND rad supports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-bark busters {handguards}

-remove ais



-change fork and shock oil after 10 rides!!!!!!!

-change engine oil as often as possible!!!!!!!!

Take a picture before you scratch that blue plastic. No, seriously, it's a great bike. I'd be sure to put some good radiator guards on it and a good skid plate to protect it. My buddy dumped my old WR250 before I got guards and it wasn't fun seeing hot coolant squirt onto the trail.

See if you can get the dealer to do the free mods for you. Also, with regard to breaking it in, read this. Also pick up an '04 needle, a 48 Pilot Jet, #40 Leak jet, a 168 and 170 Main Jet, and a Zip-Ty fuel screw. Other things you might think about for the near future...

-Chain Lube

-3 extra oil filters and 4 qts of 10w40 non-synthetic oil

-If you weigh more than 165 lbs., get a new rear shock spring.

-Seal Savers

There you have it. I'd get the chain lube and filters/oil with the bike, but the other things can wait a little bit. Changing to the proper shock spring rate will make a huge difference in handling and the seal savers will improve your fork life 100-fold...SC

Have to agree on the radguards, find the strongest you can!! Price up a new rad if you have any doubts :)

Best radiator guards are the Unabikers, in my opinion anyway...SC

Bark Busters are a must, the clutch lever breaks real easy being as long as it is. Damaged it my first ride out on my '05. As soon as I got home, I pick up the Acerbis handguards, and have dumped the bike a couple times since with no troubles. Somebody had made a post a couple months ago about which brand and model to buy, do a search for it.

I use the Moose guards. a must have item...

Here's a funny story! I bought my '05 last year and a buddy of mine was there when I picked it up. The salesman, my buddy and I are all standing around talking in the parking lot. I was getting ready to load up the bike in the truck and head out. My buddy was drooling pretty hard and popped the question "Can I take it for a quick spin?" We ride alot together so I wasn't worried about his skill level and I say "Sure, go ahead" followed by "Just don't do anything stupid" Well, I don't know what his definition of stupid is but, he gets on, rips the thottle and ends up landing right on his azz. I stood there for a second, looked at him (laying on the ground), looked at the saleguy (as he looked at me) and I know we both were wondering "What the ____ just happened". Anyway we pick the bike up (leave the buddy on the ground) and just kind of laugh and shake our heads.

So, the moral of the story is .................obvious

Scotts Damper with Pro Taper bars

Unabiker rad guards

Aluminum braced bark busters

Maxxis SI/IT tires (stockers are only good to put on a fire)

Real 3 gallon gas tank: Acerbis/IMS/Clarke etc.

Utah Sport Cycle bash plate

JD Jetting kit from the TT store

Zip TY adjustable fuel screw and magnetic drain plug bolt.

Trailtech Computer and billet mount.

Those are the basic mods just to ride the bike anywhere and have a blast. :)

Thanks for all the replies!

-radguards AND rad supports!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-bark busters {handguards}

-remove ais



-change fork and shock oil after 10 rides!!!!!!!

-change engine oil as often as possible!!!!!!!!

why change the fork and shock oil after 10 rides? :) dose it degenerate that quickly?

also i was thinking of radguards, any recommendation??

...i was thinking of radguards, any recommendation??

Unabiker, hands down...SC

riding tight trails without hand guards, trees and branches can catch your levers and disingage your clutch and catch your brake and send you over the bars. Said by experiance

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