aftermarket rear brake pads

I put a set of EBC rear brake pads on my friends 04 WR450F. I put the heat shield and fiberglass spacer off the stock pads on the new pads. Seams that the pads are already rubbing on the rotor without applying the brake pedal ( the piston on the caliper is pushed the whole way in). Are these EBC pads thicker than stock pads...I don't remember running into this problem with stock pads. It just seems to have a little more drag on the rear wheel than I remember. Is this normal and will they have less drag once he starts riding the bike? Thank You.

Yes. Mine loosened up after about 15 mins of ride time.

How did you fit the fiberglass spacer? I got the "x" series EBC pads and I couldn't fit it on there because the body of the pad was thicker then the stock pads. I could only fit the "heat shield."

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