Old article written about either the YZ465 or 490

There was a post on old YZ490 over in the WR forum and it talked about the jetting nightmares with these beasts. The thread brought back memories of an old article written about either the YZ465 or 490 and going thru the picket fence. In the article it talked about depending on seated position and throttle control if you would make the corner or wam bam through the wooden picket fence with wood flying again. Also something about a low flying berm to berm missle. That was a very entertaining article but can't remember the source or year it was written. I'd love to read that again just for an old time laugh. Anyone else remember it? It might have been in Dirt Bike and in the early 80's. This may not belong in this forum but since it jogged my feeble memory (I only remember important things like this not everyday things). Just thought I would ask.


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