Place to order the Proper Torque Wrench From

I'm having a helluva time finding a reasonably priced 1/4 torque wrench for working on our bikes with. The only ones i've come across are $200 Craftsman gear. I was under the impression there were cheaper versions for the non-pro monkeywork I do.

Anyone have a link on where I can order one from. I live in the sticks so it needs to be on the net. :):)


Check on ebay under aircraft tools. I was able to get mine, a used Snap-on 1/4" clicker from a guy that gets stuff from Boeing surplus for a very reasonable price. As a word of caution about surplus torque wrenches: The wrench could have been surplussed because it didn't meet the cal standards. We have a calibration bench where I work so I was able to check mine.

Happy hunting


I got both my torque wrenches from Sears (yes, they are Craftsman) but were nowhere near $200, not even both combined. Maybe 100 combined. Here are the models I have, they work well.

1/2" Drive Torque Wrench 3/8" Drive Torque Wrench

The only difference with mine is the 3/8" wrench doesn't have the digital readout and uses in/lbs instead of ft/lbs but that is fine with me when working on engine internals like clutch, cam cap bolts, etc... since they are usually 5.2 ft/lbs or something like that so you just multiply by 12 and it works out great.

maybe harbor freight will work. i think its or something like that. just look it up under web search. There alot cheaper than sears

That looks good! Might consider getting those 2!

There are 3 or 4 Snap-On 1/4" drive torque wrenches on ebay right now. Most of these are surplus from the aviation industry and still in real decent shape. I would bid at least what the wrenches from Harbor Fright cost.

Harbor Fright has some pretty cheezy tools. When it comes time to torque your cam or rod bearings are you sure this is the wrench you want to use? How much would a under or over torqued cam or rod bearing cap cost to repair?

I have a different view of tools than some, to me tools are an investment and something to hand down from one generation to the next. I'll be the first to admit that I think Snap-On tools are over priced and don't generally buy them new but I'm not above getting them used at a good price.

What about this bad boy. $30 bones sounds good to me. As long as it can handle this stuff.

Any of you guys using this cheap one or is it a POS?


That one looks good, but one thing to be aware of with that one is it only goes up to 200 inch lbs not ft/lbs. That would be about 17 or so ft/lbs which ain't much. It shouldn't matter much if you are just working on engine parts where you don't need alot of torque, but if you are like me I find things to torque down just because I have one! :) I walk around and tighten the lugnuts on my trailer so they are all the same and then walk around looking for other things to torque down. You could always get the "3/8'' DRIVE, CLICKER TORQUE WRENCH" from Harbor Freight at those low prices and be a torquing fool like me!!! :)

Remember you often get what you pay for. Not such a big deal if you're working on the rear axle, but if you're trying to get proper torque on your cam caps then you need something at least reasonably accurate and consistent. I got mine at Sears, they were about $89/each on sale, and so far so good.

If you test it out and its in spec then why wouldn't a cheesy 30 wrench work?

And, yes I DO want a inch pounds torque wrench for delicate engine work. Thanks for the advice guys. I may get one of those ebay tools then. :)

My 2 cents on this...

I have found that the most critical things on your motorcycle that must be torqued to exact torque values are anything inside your engine.

Having an accurate torque wrench is certainly the most important thing BUT, the actual size of the torque wrench can be vital as well. For example: a standard size 3/8" drive Craftsman torque wrench is too large to the allow 6 cam cap bolts (8mm) to be accessed, cleanly.

Also, IMO, since the required torque value on the cam cap bolts is 7.2 ft. lbs., it is also best to use a 200 inch lb. torque wrench so as to allow the most accurate setting.

I did the bidding war on Ebay for about 3 weeks before I was able to 'win' the torque wrench that I wanted. (Snap-On 1/4" drive 200inch lb.) I also had the wrench calibrated after I got it.

I also have a Craftsman 3/8" drive that I use for larger torque values...but most definitley not for any internal engine work.


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