San Diego Thumper Rides

Hey guys, whats crackin'?

A while back I posted here looking for some local San Diego area riding buddies, and that post so far has led to a pack of 5 showing up for Sunday rides in the local hills and along the US/Mexico border.

We are having some good clean (and sometimes dirty) fun, and I am sure there may be more dudes in here, that live close and would like to meet for a Sunday ride.

As we continue to hook up and ride, we will also discover new territory to enjoy and make some great memories along the way.

It doesnt matter what brand you ride or what size, as long as you like riding and are a cool cat...join the fun.

Send me a pm if you are interested in hooking up with us and wearing out the knobbies on a Sunday blast in the hills.

Jim :)

members from here so far:

fuct (2002 XR650L modded)

GIANTac1 (2005 XR650L modded)

justicedone (2003 XR650L modded)

Eddie (2005 DRZ650)

Arron (2005 XR650l starting mods)

if you wanna hook up, and have an area you ride in San Diego county...please PM so we can make arrangements to do a group ride.



I have gotten 4-5 pms for guys wanting to join the rides local, and were going to Corral Canyon in a few weeks to ride the mountains

PM and post here to ride along


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