2001 WR426 dual sporting help pleas

Thanks for all the info so far from all the old threads but I still need some help. I'm picking up my new to me 01 wr 426 this weekend, I'm going to dual sport my bike, I live in utah and plan on riding a fair amount on the street but also will be trail riding in the Wasatch, Uintah and Oquirre Mtn. I've decided on the Kenda trackmaster 120/100/ 18 Rear tire but still have some questions Versitility and Durability are my most important concerns for tires: 1) Debating on the best front tire, looking at the pirelli MT21 vs MT 32 any other suggestions? 2) What would be my best gearing options to be able to ride on the streets but also the mtns? 3) I plan on doing all the mods and want to get some advice on jetting for altitudes of 5000-10000 feet, but don't want to play around w/ changing jets on the trail. I like to keep it simple and will sacrifice a little performance for versatility. Also would like to find out who's riding in the area and if anyone is interested in riding once I'm up and going, Thanks for everything to everyone. Jon

I live in the Salt Lake Valley, PM me if you wanna ride.

I live in ogden and I am ready to go dual sporting also... :)

Regarding your rear tire.... I'm running Kenda Trackmasters front and rear. I have noticed that the rear does not have as good of a side bite as the factory Dunlop. Traversing across a hill is a little more challenging, and get used to slipping into ruts. It's not as bad as it sounds, but there is a difference.

Climbing has not been a problem at all, except that I can't get out over the handlebars enough to keep the front tire on the ground! :-)

Michelin Baja - Works well every where!!!! I have riden it in the PNW in the mud and snow and it worked great. I have raced on the tire and done many many dual sport rides as well. I don't have any complaints but the cost. It is so damn tough though, I ran over some catus in a desert race and rode 19miles at race pace and the tire didn't get messed up at all. It is DOT too. My $0.02

The Trackmaster II is a decent tire. Not bad for the price. But I found the 120 to be a little on the skinny side so have others I have talked to. It also chunked out pretty badly on me. I would go with the Baja or even a Maxxis it though it's not a DOT tire. I would get the Baja it's a DOT approved tire as well.

For gearing my 426 has 14/50. For the pavement it's working too hard at anything above 45-50 mph for any real distance. If your going to ride a lot of pavement I would start with a 15/50. Gearing depends on how much dirt VS Street your going to ride. As well as what speed your going to be going on the street.

For the front tire I would look to the Dunlop D606 as well. I ran a TrackMaster II up front and it worked good on the street. Not so good in the dirt. Come to think about it. I think the Dunlop D606 tires front and back would be a solid choice. Not the cheapest but a good set up.

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