XR's only low profile tail light?

Hi, I currently looking at changing the stock rear light to a lower profile, less bulky light. With the XR's only tail light, is it bright enough that it will light up the license plate when mounted directly below it? Im just worried about gettting it and not being bright enough for the street, especially at night. If anyone wants to chime in about this, thatd be awesome! XR's Only Taillight



The Acerbis one that I have on is the same design....it is made of a soft plyable plastic.I guess it can take a hit and bend in a bit.Maybe you should check to see if the one your ordering is hard plastic.Perhaps with the same hit it would crack,splinter and break into pieces??...My number plate is mounted on the mudguard below the light....I don`t think theres enough light to light up the plate.I balance this with the amount of times I`m on the road at night and even if I was stopped I could take the sweat on a ticket (IF issued after one has explained that "I just got caught short and never ride at night due to the nature of the bike..I`m very sorry Officer")for the offence...Hardly a hanging offence...???

2 cents worth... :)

Recently there has been two pages of discussion about that taillight in 4Strokes.com forums. Check it out.

I run that exact light on my 03 XR650L, and love it. The dude (Andy) is very slow at shipping, but the light fits perfectly, is way bright enough and solid !

If you wanna see pics of my install, look at my garage, I recomend getting the rubber for mounting the plate below light as well. I also trimmed the rubber and used it to hide wiring from stock tail lamp for an extra touch. :)

I have the Acerbis light and it SUCKS!!!!! Cheap as crap and can't be seen more than a foot away. Just my humble opinion

I think it was max power who gave me a reply to the same question you have, he wired in another bulb into his stock tail light for a brake light. it looked sweet. so i got a socket for a #194 bulb, used on cars all the time for sidemarkers. a 921 or 912 third tail light bulb looks like a giant 194 and fits in the 194 socket. these bulbs are about 3 times brighter than a 194. i wired it into the brake light plug and stuffed it in between the stock bulb and the rubber mount. i added some foil to the bottom of the fender to add some more light reflection, and added a couple strips of weather strip rubber to cushion the bulb from the fender. it looks stock, but step on the brake and "BLING" brake light.

on a side note, there is in small print on the stock tail light the phrase "for offroad use only" i did remove this with a razor blade and polished the area back to a stock shine with some rubbing compound. just in case.

later, mike

I orderd the tail light kit last week, it should get here next week :) yes there slow on shipping. Ill let ya know how it works out.

the wires arent correctly color coded, so just use a test light to check and hook it up.

I just bought one, it fits pretty well and is a serviceable light. Not Honda quality but quite OK IMHO. I enlarged the hole where the wiring goes through the backing plate so I could install a grommet, didn't like the idea of a potential short. :)

No reflector but I think the stoplight is 23 watts so visibility is decent. :)

Expect a couple of weeks for delivery.

Thanks everyone! I really dont want to comprimise looks for safety, I dont need to get rear ended by some idiot kid on a cell phone at night or something like that... Ive seen a few different styles on bajadesigns website but havent been able to find them or my BD catalog. There was one pic of a 650l, I think it was this site of a new light assembly that had the same style of the stocker (plate mount in light) but slimmed down a lot, my acerbis? Ill have to search around, thanks again everyone!


As I said before I have a light kit on the way. Now being a Texas boy I have a state inspection sticker to deal with. I will install the new light, and plate under the light with the rubber pad ect. Im thinking of putting the inspection sticker on the back of the battery box. it will still be visable from the rear but it will be side ways. Dont know how the man will react to this?? Any sugjestions on a better place to put this stupid sticker so the man wont come down on me????????

And remember.... even the best light will get dirt/mud in there eventually. I thought my bulb had burned out. Pulled the cover and it was just dirt! I cleaned it off, put the cover back on and it looks great now. Mine is a Baja Designs that was on it when I got it. Not real bright, but seems pretty standard. I gotta see if I can seal her up a little better though. Dual rides are going to be less safe at night if it keeps getting dirt in there.

If your a serious street/night rider , dont get it . Invest in led or dual lights. I run stock lens like previous mention with 194 big bulb. BUT no night use. Just trying to look legal in day inbetween trails. My .02 .

I run the Acerbis tail light on my 650L and like it. It is the one with the tag mount integrated into it. It is not Honda quality for sure but it is smaller and lighter so it does what I want it to. :) The only problem I have with mine is the contact tabs that touch the dual filament bulb lose their tension and I occasionally have to remove the bulb and bend them upward to contact the bulb more firmly when installed. :) The reflector is not metal, more of a silver painted plastic so it is not quite as bright but it is still pretty good.

I orderd the tail light kit last week, it should get here next week :D yes there slow on shipping. Ill let ya know how it works out.

Hahahaha, puleeeez let us know if you get it in a week. If I was a betting man, I'd sa the last week in June IF you're lucky. Andy has to be the flakiest vendor I've dealt with.

If you're trying to light up your plate, check out the nuts he sells that are drilled out and have a small light inside them. You can use those to attach the plate to the bracket and they light the plate really well. Good luck getting the parts though :):):D



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