Juicing the WR450 for all it's worth

I have now completed all of the free mods on my '05 WR450, and what a difference. The gray wire is cut, YZ throttle pin, airbox mods, FMF Q2 exhaust, and a makeshift AIS removal that seems to hold up fine. Also I have re-jetted most of the carb.

Leak #40

Main 170 (have a 168)

Pilot 48

Needle '05 YZ450 4th clip down

Zyp Ty Mixture Screw 1.75 turns out

Starter Stock

PAJ Stock

Bike F#@$%!G rips now. AMAZING!!! :)

Also the popity-pop-pop is gone thanks to the AIS kit gone. After I jetted the carb, the response was much more crisp but still with a pop here and there on decel. I removed the AIS, not one single pop anywhere at any RPM! So nice! But, now the only issue I have left to solve is a teeny-weeny bog right off the bottom, but only if I smack the throttle open from idle. But really the bog is almost non-existent now compared to what it was. So... QUESTION IS..... will a Quickshot accel pump cover aid the problem as well as the BK mod? I'm not all to worried about it now because at even 5% throttle, cracking it open from there is bye-bye time... BRAAAAP! Gone. So, it's just a little issue that needs solving, but I'm not sure where to go from here. If anyone has gotten here and figured it out, please help me get this thing dialed in! Thanks! :)

BK doesn't apply to your bike. It's for the 400/426.

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