The new Yamaha dirt bikes

FYI, the new Yamaha dirt bikes and ATVs will be posted on the Yamaha web site, Sunday, June 12 9 PM Pacific. The wait is almost over. :)

I saw the spy pics of the 06 YZ 450 in May's Dirt Rider. I have to say the aluminum frame looks really dumpy. Not that it really matters what it looks like, but how it will ride. I just think Kawi, Suzi, and Honda hit it right with their aluminum frame. Not sure of Yami's idea, hopefully it is just a prototype. I'm hoping the WR doesn't get that goofy looking frame next.

Good things come to those who wait!

I'm thinking that the "dumpy" frame you are referring to will allow the use of a much bigger fuel tank than brands X, Q & Z. :)


Amen, form is less important than function. If you don't want a dumpy looking frame, go ahead and get a bike from the other brands. Not only will you not be able to find a large enough aftermarket tank, you will have a nightmare getting to your carb and airbox. Yamaha is making a user-friendly AL frame, but it probably won't go over will because it doesn't have the "look."

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