426 motor in a 450 frame

I'm wondering about being able to put my 426 motor in a new 450 frame, possibly an aluminum frame when they become avaiable.

Any thoughts on how doable this is? I'm looking to keep the angry motor but shead weight on the bike :)


It wouldn't be a bolt-in, but it should be possible. The big things that will make it or break it are the width of the rear hard point and the diameter of the swing arm pivot, the relative location of the rear hard point and the countershaft, and the location of the lower hard point. The upper and front hard points are easier because they are simply done with plates.

A new alloy 450 frame would likely cost more than your bike.

buy a 450 and put a 426 sticker on it

:) ok, thanks :)

Unles your 426 motor is heavly modified and better than a 450 motor it would be worthless and a waste of money

The 426 motor doesn't fit into the 450 frame, but it might with lots of time, $, and modifying.

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