I wish I was not sorry I bought this bike

You lapped the valves?Now you have weak squeeze?Stater?As said above I too have some x-tra elc stuff laying around start throwing coils,stater,mags,

kill switch at it.I am not one to start throwing parts at a bike BUT If you have ppl offering to let you try there stuff why not?

Thanks for the offers fells. If my local offer to borrow a magneto setup falls thru ,I'll definitely take someone up on the offer.

I am positive the cam timing is correct,looking at the right side of the head, the lobes are opposite at the same angle slightly above the head. I have been using 2 new plugs ,alternating sometimes hoping for a miracle.

some one suggested sell it. I have a street title for it,this one is going to the grave with me,no matter how many overhauls,or engine swaps. I just get mad sometimes ,but when it comes to dirt bikes my blood runs blue.I really do like the bike,I just want to use it.

Many,Many thanks to Wes Orloff for letting me use his KTM to race this weekend. nice bike ,but not my 426.

Starts and runs great after engine mods....slowly gets harder to start...hmmm...valves seating into the cylinder heads causes clearance to decrease...valves don't close completely...loss of compression..= check valve clearance..set them a little loose just to make sure..Good luck..

I installed a standard stator plate(magnito source coils). turned the fuel on ,pulled the choke,5 kicks. It runs. Never even took out the plug to see if it was clean.Now I just need to break it in.And figure out lights, this is supposed to be my street bike.

How long will another 45 watt lighting coil last?

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