Part number for a 170 main jet for stock 650l?

Hi, I did a search on the site and couldnt find anything so I'll see if anyone can help me out. After putting my engine back together with the 102.4mm psiton, stage 1 hot cams, ported and polished head along with the other mods I had before (see sig.), the bike was running way too lean! I had the 55 pilot jet and DJ165 main, already have DJ stage 1 jet kit in there. Im right at sea level and I was thinking the a 170 or 172 main jet would work well, anyone know the part numbers? I went to the dealer and they were less than helpful, it took forever just for them to get me a 58 slow jet that matched up and they said they couldnt match the main jet for some reason... Anywho, if anyone can let me know the part number and maybe a site that can get this stuff in that would be awesome!


The DJ jet numbers don't corellate to the Kehein numbers. Try a Kehein 162. Most run a 158 with standard mods.

Yes, a DJ 165 may not be more than a Keihin 160.


Thanks guys, after doing a few WOT runs to see how the main jet circuit was doing the spark plug was bright white! Maybe I'll get a Keihin 165 and 170 and see what happens after a ride with them in there. Does anyone know where I can get these jets cheap? Internet or not? I think the honda dealer said I woul dhave to get HRC parts and I dont feel like spending 20 bucks on 2 little jets... Thanks again! or

Again the DJ #'s and kehien #'s are not similar in size. Try a 162 or 165 kehien. Also maybe go up one size on the slow jet.

I checked out and is this the correct jet for the 650l carb, 99101-393? So it'd be a 99101-393165 for a 165 main and 99101-393170 for a 170. The main jet is 8mm length like the pic and looks similar too so I'm guessing its the right one? I already have the 58 slow jet in there vs the stock 55, havent pulled the plug yet but off idle is much better and no more popping on deceleration. Thanks!

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