BWB suspention help please

OK I did what you said on the fork brace up on the crate axel bolts loose. In goes the brace nice fit and maybe 1 mil of of movement in the forks. Tighten brace to 10ft lb, axel bolts 10ft lb. i know you said 9, but my wrench only goes to 10 it's a POS, but it's close. Wheels are running true front and rear. Hop on ride to work this morning same deal at 65 to 70 it gets out of shape. It's not head shake it's more like a speed wobble. So two things I'm thinking. I check the air in the forks none one side and just pssst on the other now none on either. Tighten the rear by 2 clicks maybe the front end is stifffer and it's showing the back end it needs to tighten up too?? Any thoughts?? Thanks for your help. :)

any chance its an unbalanced tire or mis-adjusted head bearings ? ... or was it OK until adding the brace ?

It was good before the brace (i think???) the brace could be exposing some other weekness in the system that I just hadn't noticed???

Things to start with.

I would loosen the triple clams and lower them (push them down) till there is 5mm from the bottom of the fork cap to the top of the top triple clam, if you are riding in the dirt mostly and right at the fork cap if you ride high speed and mostly street with a dirt setup (non-motrard). then before you tighten the triple clamps make sure the brace is lose and the axle cap is lose, Thighten you front axl to 65 foot pounds!, then tighten the fork brace, (make sure the tire is straight with the bike) then thighten the axle cap, now thighten the triple clams. Something is out of wack. Maybe your steering head is lose but, I think it's down at the bottom. Lose axle, or the brace is pulling the forks together (not machined right), It is common for people to not want to tighten the front axle thinking they are going to crush the bearings but, there is a spacer in between the bearing and the axle need to be cranked down before the axle cap is tightened.

Give me some back ground on your XR650R and your suspension setup. Weight, race sag, springs, fluid, valve setup

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