In Major Need Of An Exhaust

G'day guys typing from down here in Australia, had a bad stack on the weekend jumped a little to high and let go of my bike in the air, the only real damage is the rear end of the bike mud guard, rear rim but no damage done to the swingarm :) luckily, the muffler is what took the worst hit its bent to the shithouse :) , so I'm in need of a new one. Ideas are much needed and appreciated, also i do alot of bush riding but occasionally ride on a twenty acre farm.

last question, I'm also in need of a new sticker kit but cant find many out here, is there any i can order over the internet.

Oh and by the way i have a wr 426f 2001 model

I'm running an FMF Q with a power bomb sx header. Works great for me. As for graphics, check this place out:

A bit pricy but by far the coolest graphics anywhere IMHO.

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