Anyone whao wants to see a green 450 - news release and photo


The big news for 2006 is that Kawasaki has dropped the KX125 from the lineup, presumably a result of poor sales in comparison to the KX250F four-stroke

Roll over suzukit,honda,yamaha and ktm kawasaki is here!

Flyn Ryan

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wonder?

Thats a diff motor than the rmz i wonder how it is???


Yeah, that was my response as well when I read that line. I truly believe this is the beginning of the end for 2-strokes. I know the others may wait for another year to follow suit but this is still a major event regardless.

It sure is, I really hate to see it do this. 4 strokes are great, but 2 smokes rock too.

That is one sweet looking bike.................. :)

Pick a Color!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

I can SUX in any color..... :)

It sure is, I really hate to see it do this. 4 strokes are great, but 2 smokes rock too.

I agree! I've ridden 4 strokes for the majority of my experience (28 years or so) but there's nothing like the sound of a strong running 2-stroke....."I love the smell of premix in the morning"

I think the death of the 125's is very near...the 250's, however, I think will be around for several more years. When the top guys in SX are still demanding the 2 smoker it's hard to kill it.

IF anyone would actually put out a 150F, I think the 85 2 strokes would be finished as well. Great, fun, incredible machines, but very difficult for a late beginner.

No matter what, though, the quality of today's machines is amazing....pick a color and go with it.

Now that green monster might be worth looking at :) defiantly going to give it some serious thought if the YZ 06 doesn't come out with an Ali frame. Surely this is just confirming that yamaha have got to go with the ali for the 06 or they will look like they aren't progressing, although they did start he whole 4 stroke thing...

very nice like alot

Nice bike... but I wonder how reliable the engine will be in the 450? since its there first year out in this class, I think I'm gonna hold off untill the bikes get some real track time before I go throwin any money in that direction.

I wonder how Kawi and Suzuki have dodged patent infringement lawsuits from Honda for copying their frame so closely. I wonder what the 06 YZF aluminum frame will look like? The YZ250's aluminum frame or the CRF/RMZ/KXF450 frame...

Am I the only one who doesn't like the holes drilled in the # plate and upper shroud? I like the way they did the two colored plastic, not sure how that will work out for aftermarket replacement though, and that could lead to some very kick ass looking 'sakis.

I had a few kawasakis as a kid in the 80's. I really liked them. They always felt comfortable, and I never had any real complaints about their engines. I am glad to see a green monster 4-stroke, and I think after a couple of years, I might buy one. I'll bet that thing rips, since they have a lot to prove.

It looks cool too.

thanks AMA.... :)

And their stupid unleaded gas rule. They single-handedly killed the two-stroke.

Someone had a video of Stewart testing the bike on ATM, actually it made stewart look bad. It looked like he was struggling with it for sure. But then again it was a test session.

Remember Susuki and Kawasaki did not share tech on the 450 they are Seperat bikes all together. the RMZ is Pure 100% Suzuki and the Kawi us opure 100% Kawi Engineering.

IMO I dont think I would rush out and get one this year, but it sure looks purty

Nice but not my first or 2nd choice for 06 - interesting that the 125 has been dropped for 06 - this spells the end of 125's in my opinion - thanks AMA.... :)

I'll bet you at least see the YZ125 for a few more years. Yamaha invested heavily in the 125 last year so not too likely they'll drop it in the near future. They need to make a return on that investment.

Hopefully the 125 will hang around. I think it still serves a valuable purpose for kids moving up from the 85cc bikes. For some kids a 250f is just too much bike IMO.

...thanks AMA....

As much as I love four stroke bikes, when it comes down to it, the only reason they survive and thrive is the AMA displacement rule. It seems to favor of the four stroke. It would be nice if they could revisit that rule and some how make 2 smokes more competitive again. Obviously they won't change the displacements of the classes, the manufacturers have too much invested at this point. But they could allow 2 smokes to be modified with higher displacements, or even simply allow them to run higher lead gas (like they used to) to be more competitive. :)

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