Does this look stupid?

Hi guys,

Need some opinions here and I know this is the right place for that. Ha! I'm trying to position the blinkers in a different spot than on the side of the Rack-IT. Here are my goals:

1) Protect them more in a crash. They stick out more than I like when on the rack.

2) Get them out of the "kickzone" when I'm getting on/off the bike. Yes, I should just be more careful, but the pig wears me out so these kicks happen more on dismounts. I know I'm not the only one.

3) Get them off the Rack-IT so I can remove either them or the rack independently. I have an area I ride where it's nice not to have the rack (not that I would ever bail off the back on my beloved pig, but it's saved me more than once), but just enough road it's nice to have the blinks.

Here's where I put them.... from the rear

From above....

Haven't had a chance to test drive, but the right one is about 1 inch directly above the FMF end cap. I'm guessing a short test ride won't smoke it too bad, but long term it could get a little hot. My next alternative, besides just living with them on the rack, is at the next forward fender bolt. If I fashion some very low profile mounts they could peer out from under the rack and the right one would be over the FMF can instead of the end cap. Probably would look better and be less heat on the right blinker.

Let the IMO's start!

IMO it looks good! :)

I say what people think of looks doesn't matter! if it looks bad more than likely it works great!!! in the words of Han Solo "it may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts"

IMO a little ghetto

Have you considered a flush mount turn signal? Here's a pic of a nice looking 650r with flush mount turn signals just below the fender pack, courtesy of JWS :)


Here is the "L" version with the flush mounts. They are about $17.00 for the pair.





Those are nice. That is exactly what I need. $17 a pair is not too bad. I'll use what I have until they break and then I'll get the flush mount. Thanks for the info guys.

jlpskydive, I also think it looks a little ghetto.

I got them here at the TT store.

Blinks are back in their regular spot on the Rack-IT. Too hard to stick them somewhere else. When they finally break off I'll go with the flush mount. I did notice the flush ones are DOT approved. Not that it's a big deal. Thanks for the feedback.

Sorry, I meant to say flush are NOT DOT approved.

here in Cali the rears must stick out 3 inches...not sure if that means they start or finish at 3 inches...its different in other states. Some states dont need flashers at all...but the flush are not legal in Cali. Most cops wont do/say anything about them-just FYI.

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