WR400 crank bearing install tool?

Anyone know if the WR400 uses a tool to press the bearings in like the yamaha 2-strokers do? if so does anyone have a part number?

It may be that this is in the service manual somewhere

Err, crank bearings


I had a skilled guy with a press do mine, he also used it to press the crank out of the left side bearing.

I'm in the process of doing my 426.

To install the bearings in the cases I took the old bearings and removed the inner sleeve and all the bearings so I was just left with the outer.Then you simly heat the cases, freeze the bearings and carefully knock the bearings in like so.

Then, to install the crank, take a plate of steel or aly, pretty thick. Drill a suitable size hole in the middle the the flywheel taper will fit through. Hold the plate agains the stator cover gasket surface. Changing spacers as you go, use the stator nut to pull the crankshaft through. Putting the crank in the freezer and heating the bearing will also help. A hot air gun is preferable to a naked flame. An electrode oven is better still.

I also made a flywheel remover and a crankshaft remover using the same piece of plate, all for free :)

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