removing the impeller?

Was wondering what tool was needed to get this off, does one need a impact wrench? :)

if your talkin'bout the water pump, i held the impeller with channel locks. theres not alot of torque on it. just be careful not to ding it up :)

does one need a impact wrench? :)

:) Yikes! Don't do anything heavy handed to the impeller shaft. You'll snap the drive tab off the inboard end!

You are supposed to remove the case and hold the inside end with a wrench on a pair of flats provided for the purpose. Then, you can inspect the shaft for a wear groove under the seal. You'll want to do this if you're removing it to replace a seal. If you're just upgrading the impeller, you could do it by holding the impeller as suggested, but you'll want to be very careful about installing your new one.

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