any kenda dot horror stories?

Not trying to stir up a brand war or any troubles, planning to order a new set of tires and I read thru the post here and it looks like the kenda is the price winner. Any known failures of the trackmaster? wonderful price just dont want to cut any corners on safety.

My ears hurt. Does that count?

I just put a Kenda K270 120/80 on my bike. The 120/80 size is great because it lowered my bike seat height slightly. On my first ride with this tire it scared me half to death. I came to my first corner on pavement and cracked the throttle half way through the corner and that rear tire slid out on me like I was on oil. After that I was a lot more careful in a corner. It was kind of neat in a way, because I could now do power slides cornering on pavement. After about 500km of riding it wore down enough so that it seems OK now, although I'm still not 100% sure I trust it in a corner.

I've run several Kenda DOT's mostly the Metzler copy and haven't had any problems.

new tires should always, always be ridden carefully for awhile until the waxy top layer gets worn down so it will grip ... :)

Try the Trackmaster II's. They are a good dirt tire for DOT approved! Let us know what you think.

The front tire sucks ass. Spoooooky on pavement and hard pack.

I run a MT 21 up front and Trackmaster II out the back.

I've had Kenda tires before on a previous bike (DR350S), and I didn't much care for them simply because of they wore so fast. I've gotten

much long tread life with the more expensive name brand tires. Just my thoughts on the matter of cheap tires.

I have been running the K270's for years. I got 3500 miles out of the rear and over 6000 out of the front on the last set. The current set I have 6200 miles on the front and about 2000 on the rear. I still have over half the tread on both. They are VERY squirrelly when new. They take a little longer to break in on my bike since both are 6 ply tires. I am running a 3.25x21 ft. and 5.10x18 rr. Since I do more street riding than dirt I went with the 270. When I do hit the dirt I want an agressive tread, so the 270 is a 50/50 tire, the middle of the road tire. The Kenda's will wear more the higher the speed you run on the street. I was running with some friends, who have sport bikes, on the weekends for several months and found that the higher speeds I was riding to keep up with them was eating the tires up. We are talking 90+ on back roads with hard acceleration. If I were to do that again I will invest in some 90/10 tires for the season of riding with them.


Even sportbike tires take at least 10 mi riding to reach proper adhesion temperature and start going deep into twisties. Many a novice rider dumps their new shiny CBR,Gixxer,R-1 etc by not knowing this...


I have used the K760 trackmaster several times on my XR and KTM. Dirt performance is good. But the problem is that the tire wears too fast, and tends to chunk in rocky terrain. Price adjusted, the durability is pretty good. But I am willing to pay a bit more for a tire that I don't have to replace as often.

I have trackmaster II tires on my rig and they are NOT lasting at all but look cool and seem to work pretty good off road kinda squirrly in the rain on the street not much brakes just sliding on the pavement

I have them for my 400. I wouln't want to do a lot of street riding with them. They work well offroad for me.

not to start a pissing contest here, but those same tires are quite a bit cheaper at :)

That's cool! Those are better prices. I live close to Chaparral so I save shipping. But at those prices... :)

That's cool! Those are better prices. I live close to Chaparral so I save shipping. But at those prices... :)


Kewl Chart

Motorcycle Tire

Conversion Chart


70/100X17 >> 2.75X17

80/100X21 >> 3.00X21

90/100X14 >> 4.10X14

90/100X16 >> 4.10X16

100/100X18 >> 4.10X18

110/100X18 >> 4.50X18

120/100X18 >> 5.10X18

130/80X18 >> 5.30X18

140/80X18 >> 5.60X18

100/90X19 >> 4.10X19

110/90X19 >> 4.50X19

120/90X19 >> 5.10X19

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