main and pilot air jets for 05 wr 450

main and pilot air jets 05 wr 450

I just recieved the ais blocker and the jd jet kit and zip-ty fuel screw

from what I read in this forum a 170 main and a 48 pilot seem to be right

What will the 100 paj do for me instead of the stock 80?

And what can/should I do the the maj.

All free mods done

I do live in hot ass Phoenix but I would rather run a little rich than lean?

Any help would be appreciated

the 100 paj allows more air into the mix for the larger pj. 100 paj is a perfect match to the 48pj. if you want it rich on the pilot circuit leave the 80paj ,but it might be too rich for the summer :)

thanks for the info on the paj.

what should I do with the ma?

It does not show in the manual what size it is?

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