steering lock of some sort

Hey all,

I am making my WR street legal and was wondering if someone makes a steering lock so it wont get stolen. The ol bike lock wont work in parking lots so i would like to get something like a steering lock ro some other thing that will at least make the thief work a little if he really wants it. Damn thiefs!!!

What about large a kryptonite U lock? Lock the front wheel to the lower front of the frame and it's just like a steering lock-maybe better.

You can buy a disc lock. I have one, it's about the size of an egg and a pin slips through any one of the vent holes in the brake disc. I even use it on my sled. I drilled a few holes in the disc and snap it on. If thieves do manage to hotwire it they can't drive away and will just burn the belt out trying.

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