Xr650l Please Help

Hello I Am New To This Site And Just Working Out How To Use It. I Am After The Honda Part Number For The Hrc Power Up Kit For The Xr650l And As I Am From The Uk Am Not Having Much Luck, All The Dealers Say They Can Get It If I Have A Part Number Please Can Somebody Help Me

if you go to the "Bike Bandit" website, I believe they have an online microfiche that will allow you to locate your part number ... but, check the store here first, just in case ..

ideal shall give it a go and let you know how it goes as not having much luck thanks for you help

hey bubba I just put that kit on my bike.It really only consists of replacing the stock pipe with anew one like an FMF2 and changing your jets out.also if you have smog equipment on your bike it needs to be removed.

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