needle seat

I just realized from reading other posts that when I uncorked my Pig a couple weeks ago I left the stock needle seat in there. I did this because the needle I purchased, part #16012-mbn-641, didn't come with a new one. Sounds like you other guys with this part also got the corresponding needle seat. Is the needle seat sort of look like a thimble, with a hole in the middle for the main? I think that is the part...The needle came in a sealed Honda bag with just the needle and clip, nothing else.

I've taken her out for a brief ride and it seemed fine, but I still need to really stretch her legs. Do you guys think the performance suffer with the stock seat in there, or could it hurt anything?

The B3E competition needle has a different taper that fits the corresponding needle seat. Using the B3E needle in the stock needle seat still works fine, I did that too, before getting the correct needle seat, and honestly I couldn't tell any difference in power at all.

The main thing is that you set the needle to the correct clip position and use the right main jet for your altitude.

B3E needle set to 3rd position (middle groove)

175 main jet (low altitude) leaner for high altitude

40mm intake

40mm exhaust tip

airbox snorkel gone, back plate gone

preferably drill the airbox too

Bike will run correctly, loads of power!

Thanks for the tips smashinz. I have performed all those mods except I went the cheap route and drilled the tip out and I have not drilled the airbox yet. I will either be getting the HRC exhaust tip or an aftermarket silencer, havn't decided yet.

Should the needle I purchased came with the seat or is it a different part #?

part #16012-MBN-641 needle set, jet--comes with seat.$22.43.

Well that is the exact part I got, still have the baggy. Didn't come with the seat. Bummer I guess.

I had to buy each peice seperate but I didnt change the stock needle either. I got mine all done and the first run I made with it it was way to rich and stumbled badly. I moved the clip on the needle up to the 4th position and it helped alot. Still has a small stumble but not like it was. Im holding out on trying anything different until I can run the bike in eastern washington at the end of june to find out how it runs higher up in the hills.

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