Maxxis Desert IT

My rear OEM rubber is about to give up the ghost, so I'm in the market for a new set of shoes. I'm not going back to Dunlops, but the Maxxis Desert IT has piqued my interest. Anybody got any experience with this tire?

Here's my situation...I ride the Sierra Nevada high desert pretty exclusively with lots of loose granite in the lime-to-grapefruit-size range, transitioning into course granite sand that likes to wash my front end out when I'm daydreaming. Then, just for fun, the terrain will transform into hard pack clay that likes to turn into axle grease when it gets wet. Occasionally, I get to do a little singletrack woods riding when a stand of pine trees decides to get in my way, complete with nice soft stuff that, when you add a little moisture, turns into crazyglue-like oatmeal that will suck your boot off if you dab your foot on a tight turn. Basically, I've got a huge variety of conditions, but the rocks and sand thing is where I end up the most. So, wadday'all think? Does the Desert IT, front and rear, fit the bill? Thanks for cluing me in...SC

Hey Steve,

I'm here in Truckee, I put on the maxxis Desert IT's front and rear.

I ride alot of Reno Desert and Sierra Granite.

I think the tires are great, hard as a rock with great grip. I got a flat in no time with those Dunlops, no flat on the Desert IT's yet. :)

I got mine for 100$ for both, I thinks thats a deal from my local shop. If thats the real price, its worth it.



Whats your jetting specs?

I ordered the Desert-IT as well, but it's back-ordered from Chaparral right now which is fine as my rear has a couple of rides left in it. I'm going with a Dunlop D756 on the front as I just shredded my 739 last night. I've heard good things about this combination, so I figured I'd give it a try. The 739 sucked up front, washing out and giving an overall squirrely feeling to the front end. I got them both for under $90 from Chaparral as they're running some good ads in the magazines right now. I've also got a pair of Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tubes coming as well.

As far as my jetting/intake/exhaust specs go, here's what I've got:

165 Main

48 Pilot

100 Pilot Air Jet

65 Starter

35 Leak Jet

JD Red #5

Fuel Screw - 1.5 Turns out

Boyesen Quickshot

Barnum's Pro Airbox Kit w/ Twin Air filter

FMF Exhaust w/ Q2 and Powerbomb SX

I'm going to be dropping in a YZ exhaust cam in a week or two, so the jetting will probably change. This set-up is working great for me with the current temperature settings. When it drops into the 60's I need to richen it up a bit as I start getting decel popping, usually one needle position or a turn on the fuel screw does the trick...SC

What jetting specs do you recommend with stock set-up for our altitude and temp.

What I mean is: if i don't have the quickshot or new pipe what would you jet with?

Have you done all the "free mods" yet? If so, are you having any "symptoms" like popping on decel, hard starting, etc.? Normally, all you may need is a #48 Pilot and #40 Leak jet. Also, get an adjustable fuel screw and jet needle to fine tune things...SC


Yes, all the free mods are done, and I re-jetted with JD Blue #3, and 168 main, all the other jets are stock. It started out great (better then before) but now is still not dialed in.

I'm thinking, Red #5 , 168 main, and 48 pilot, 40 leak??

I think you're on the right track, but since you haven't modded your exhaust, I'd stick with the 165 Main. I'm running that down here and it's working well even with the modded exhaust. The JD #5 is also the right move. I only run the Blue needle when it's consistently in the low 50's or I'm below 3000'. As soon as it starts bumping close to 60, in goes the red. The 48 Pilot and 40 Leak jet are also in there as well. Ain't jetting fun?...SC

Thanks for the info! :)

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