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Dear Bill and Bryan.....

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Hey Guys,

Yes, it is your long lost friend Mitchy... The guy who was supposed to be at Moab, but was unable to make it due to work commitments.... In any case, I have a few things to say......

OH and by the way, I have been using this site for 1.5 years, so no wise guy comments about free speech or anything like that... I am Australian and I have lived in the US... That makes me a very mean and nasty person... :):D:D:D:D:D

Bryan: What can I say :D I have read your post and I had quite honestly felt extremely sad. A man, as nice as you, does not deserve all the troubles you have been through. For those I am truly sorry. I wish I could have been there for you....But, then I began thinking of how selfish I really am... You created and maintained one of the finest web sites I have ever come across (well except for :D). Your own time, expense and personal anguish. You gave of yourself for so long and it is time for you to patch up your personal affairs and regain some composure and happiness. I hope that you stay on-board with Moderator rights and the appropriate notation indicating you are the father of ThumperTalk..... I will meet you someday my friend. You have my word that I will make an effort next time I am in the US.

Bill: My old buddy. You, I and MANY people know of the personal value you have offered to us all. Next time a DeBarker or who ever throws the line out, dont's sweat it. They are attention seekers and sometimes dont consider what impact their words have on others. You keep riding, stay happy and say hi to the family for me....

(No offence DeBarker, but you dont know Bill as the rest of us Old Timers do. So, Please, drop this tact before it gets out of hand.)

I promise that next time I am in the US, we will all meet somewhere.

Take care and I love you all....


PS: Hi Brian, Kevie, Mike, Splint, and all the others I have spoken to.....

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hey Mitchy,

It is about time, Old Friend!!

How are you doing?

If you didn't see, several of us will be heading down to Bill's in Pennsylvania for a weekend of Brews and riding! I am truly looking forward to it!

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You old sheep......uhh.....herder, yea that's it :) Well ok, maybe your not old :D

Thanks buddy for the kind words. I read your post to my wife and she even recognized you. I have given her and the boys your greeting.

If there is anyway you can make it out here in June, please do. You can fly into Philadelphia, Pa, Washington DC or Baltimore, MD. There is going to be about 8-10 guys from TT here, as Kevin said riding and drinking the barley pops.

take care dude.


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