Is the 650R 12v DC?

According to the wiring diagram, it has a rectifier and an alternator.

Are they just calling the stator an alternator and the regulator a rectifier?

I was thinking that a DC system must have a battery to comsume the load.

Is it AC or DC?


The Xr has an alternator and a regulator.

Stator is just part of the alternator. (The non rotating part)

The diagram you're looking at from that link does indeed show DC, but only because the service manual at that link is not for a US model. The US model is strictly AC, but you can eaisly add a regulator/rectifier to the US bike to get DC to power a GPS or other accessories. The Euro 650r offers DC and it has a dual filament glass headlight unlike the US model. The Euro model also comes with different jetting, unrestricted exhaust tip, etc, but other than that, they're the same in terms of frame, engine components, suspension, wheels, bearings, etc.

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