Fuel consumption question...any advice INDY


Only getting about 25mpg with the below settings. Any ideas on how to get it a little better. It seems as though a lot of guys are in the 30's. I primarily ride in the woods (MI trails). I'm not the type to be on and off the throttle, actually pretty smooth with it. Performance is spot on, cant ask for any more. No real dead spots, not lean, not rich, doesn't boil over in the woods. Just looking to get up to 30mpg or so.

Model: 2005 WR450

Timing (WR-YZ): WR

Main jet: 168

Pilot Jet:48

Fuel screw (turns out): Factory - 1-3/4 out

Needle model/Clip position: 04WR at Pos#4

Airbox lid (on or off): snorkel removed

Pipe: Stock, baffle modified but not removed

air filter: Stock

Altitude where you ride: 700-1000 ASL

Temperature where you ride: ~70 - 80 degrees now.

Degree of satisfaction Great

Sprockets Stock: 14:50

I'm running 14:50 and get 16kms per 1lt you do the conversion and make a judgement.

A lot of it depends on your riding style. What part of the rpm range do you ride in? If your reving the motor out a lot and not shifting much your going to use a lot more gas.

:) Lowedog

Check your float height. Many bikes come with the float adjusted to ride very high. As you hit bumps, fuel goes out of the overflow. If you are happy with how your bike is running, this is a great place to start.

If you ride hard, ie. roosting alot, I do not think your mileage is that far off. My son and I ride a 28 mile loop in the area we ride (Hungry Valley) and both his YZ250F and my WR426F burn 1 gallon to complete that loop. We both feel our jetting is as good as it gets and we never foul plugs. Granted, we are wasting as much gas as we can, always trying to crack that thottle and send the roost flying. :)

ICAT :) i found about 5-10% better fuel economy,easier starting when hot,and better throttle response. no more HP,just runs better :)

ICAT?...Tell me more.

As far as my riding technique; I'm not choppy on the throttle, not a hot shoe, most of my riding is in the woods in 1st thru 3rd. I'm not a revver, I'm a lugger :) . I have never fouled a plug, bike appears to be jetted perfectly.

Just looking for a little more distance per tank. Yea I know, sounds like the logical step is a bigger tank. Ben there (back on my old 400 with the IMS 3.4). Just really like the seat/tank transition on the 05 and not ready to jump up to a mamoth tank...yet.

Is Your Airbox Lid On Or Off?do You Have The Backfire Screen Out?if You Get An Aftermarket Can And Open Up The Intake Some ,backfire Screen Lid Etc. The Motor Wont Have To Work As Hard Thus Resulting In Better Fuel Economy.also Just Looking At Fmf's Website For An 04 Wr450 Which Should Be Close To Yours Theyre Recomending 45 Pilot And 2.5 Out On The Screw.your Pilot Alone Might Be The Culprit.your Needle And Main Are In Line With What Theyre Calling For But Maybe You Could Try Those Other Items-they May Or May Not Help.good Luck!

i think your pretty much getting what your going to get with your jetting(and i think it's the correct jetting). i run a 165main in my '03 but i don't think that would amount to much. i also run an iridium plug but i don't think that would do much either. it just seems like mileage is better some rides than others.

ICAT :) i found about 5-10% better fuel economy,easier starting when hot,and better throttle response. no more HP,just runs better :D

Help a guy out what is an ICAT? :)

maybe the bad mpg is because you are only in 1st-3rd. 4krpm in first is~15mph while 4k in 3rd is ~40mph. same fuel consumption for same duration but more distance traveled.

25 to 30 mpg is normal for riding in the sands of Michigan! :)

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