Newbie saying hello...

Hello people,

I've been browsing and picking up technical info for quite a while now so I thought it was about time I registered and said hi.

I have an '03 WR450 in fairly standard setup which I have been trailriding mostly this year, plus full supermoto kit for the occaisional trackday and organised rideout.

The virtual drinks are on me, I'll just be drinking tea, as for the rest of ya - fill yer boots! :)

welcome :) prepare to find heaps of stuff to spend your money on :)

Howdy Hi. Good to have you hear. I know I learn something new every day. I love it. :):)

Ello, ello, ello!!!!! As long as yer buyin' drinks, make mine a pint of Newcastle!! :)

Welcome! I'm fairly new meself. This post it :) If you have a question chances are someone in here can answer it!

Thanks for the welcome chaps, no doubt I'll be asking lots of dumb questions on a very regular basis.... :)

I'll ask more dumb ??'s than you!!! neener neener.

Thanks for the drink...burp!!! The next round is on me!

Good lad! :)

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