Wanted: Stock exhaust for the WR426

My dad has a Canadian WR426 and the stock exhaust is nothing more that a piece of trash!!! It's not a spark arrestor and it has a little pee pee hole at the tip. So, I would like to purchase the US stock exhaust for the bike, If you would like to sell yours please let me know... Thank you, Dan

are you sure us models are are different?

If they are I have a brand new 2001 wr 426 exhaust has maybe 2 miles on it.

Higgy, Im sure that the pipes are different. The Canadian version is for the most part flush at the end of the pipe where as the US model has a Snoot that pops out the end the size of a shot glass right? If so I would be interested in buying yours off of you. Please let me know. Thanks for your time, Dan

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