'00 Xr 650r Aftermarket Gas Tank Need Advice

I Have A '00 Xr 650r. I Need Advice On Aftermarket Gas Tanks. I'm Interested In Either Ims 3.6 Gal Or Acerbis 6.0 Gal. I Use My Bike Primarily For Trail Or Riding Around The Neighborhood. Which Tank Has More Bang For The Buck? Looks Like The 6.0 Gal Requires The Radiator Scoops To Be Removed. Has Anybody Have Any Experience Or Thoughts On This? What About The Fitment And Convenience? Thanks!

6.0 gallon tank for trail riding or around the neighborhood :)

I personally think that with that big of a tank, you wouldn't like it for trail riding.

I personally have a 4.6 gallon IMS and love it, it completely changed the way the BRP handled once put on though, 100% different feel in the corners.

And for the 4.6 to fit I had to slightly modify my right hand radiator scoop to fit over all the bulges in the tank :)

here is a pic of it on the bike:


notice how far down it goes on the left hand side. I'm hoping that doesn't go too far down for the exhuast I will hopefully be purchasing to fit.

What exactly do you mean by "Bang for the Buck" ?

I use my BRP mostly,now the better weather is here, (maybe 4 hours in a row on a Sunday morning over the mountains)for road use with the occasional enduro and trail ride....with my Acerbis tank I can ride as far as I want to all day...the fitment is a straight take off and put on.....I think you need to think about what way you use the BRP and fit a tank accordingly.I know if I didn`t do as much road work then I`d have a different tank,eg,Clarke.If you think hard enough first you`ll make the correct choice that will do you for the rest of the time you have the bike.



I use my stock tank for local trail riding....... :)

But for the long spin I have a Clarke 4.3, fits great, Nice finish and matches the red to a T........... :)

Another vote for the Clarke 4.3 :)

Thanks for all the input guys! I do need to broaden my horizons... Just don't have anybody to ride with down here in Houston. Currently trail riding around the backroads and bayou around our subdivision. I'll probably just need to keep my stock tank until something better comes up...

i've tried both ims and clark and after my experence i will never buy an ims tank again. and if you don't mind the look of the natural tank it is nice being able to see your exact fuel level while riding. I'd go clarke if i where you

i've tried both ims and clark and after my experence i will never buy an ims tank again.

If you don't mind me asking, why not ever buy another IMS tank again?

What exactly was wrong with it?

If you don't mind me asking, why not ever buy another IMS tank again?

What exactly was wrong with it?

I wonder what he means as well. I have an IMS on my 525 as well as my 650r and they both fit perfectly with no negative issues what so ever.

Both tanks can have fit issues on the XR650R. The Clarke fits real close on the frame and pinch the small crossover tube on the top of the radiators. The IMS gives less room for the caburetor and getting to the carburetor is viewed as a pain by some.

The Clarke it is a good idea to put a screw driver in the small tube fittings and bend them twards the frame. That will stop the tank from hitting them and cutting the hose.

Rocky Mountain For the Clarke 4.3 Click Here: :)

I had an ims on my 426f and on my xr650r and found both to be a bad fit. rite out of the box my petcock wouldn't seal and i had to add cork. also found fuel caps didn't thread as easy as clarks but neither did my stock. don't mean to offend anyone this is only my experience with ims and i have only ever bought one clarke and liked it alot more. if anyone is interested there is one of those huge acerbis tanks on ebay rite now, and also a nice new yosh can. :)

don't mean to offend anyone
Didn't offend me, thats why I asked. I've never experienced this with the several IMS tanks I have had. Might have to check out Clark next since it seems it comes with the most praise.

I had the IMS tank (bought from Baja Designs) and last week it sprang a leak from the left lower radiator attachment point where the fastener is pressed into the tank. The thickness in that area was less than a credit card and it looks like a manufacturing defect. B. D. is going to replace the tank even though I've had it for more than the 120 day warranty period but I would go for a different tank if I was buying again. The stock tank is noticibly better in fit and finish quality but is at least a gallon smaller than what I need.

I have an IMS 4.6 gal tank and have had zero problems with it. There are a couple of 650R,s in my main ride group that also have the IMS 4.6 gal tank and they seem to doing fine. I am puzzled by some of the negative comments.

i have this big ass blackk tank on my xr650l....no clue what kind it is but i think its around 5 gallons...............i think its going to be for sale pretty soon because i am going to get the stock metal one painted black and put that one on.

I'm in the market for an aftermarket black tank for a 650L. Let me know how much you want for it.


I've got a like new Clarke in Honda Red for sale. PM me if interested. I'm gonna list it on eBay soon, but too lazy right now :)

I can post or send pics if interested.

it's for an XR650R in case I forgot to mention it. :)

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