'00 Xr 650r Aftermarket Gas Tank Need Advice

I put a IMS 4.6 on my first XR650R in Feb. of 2000. I have since purchased another XR650R and kept the original IMS 4.6 tank. This tank has seen over 7000 miles of hard riding. I even went over a cliff on my first XR650R but the tank survived just fine as did the bike. I have never had a problem with IMS. I have purchased their tanks for all my bikes except the 525 EXC, it has a Clarke tank.

I've used the IMS 3.3 gallon tank for racing, the IMS 4.6 gallon tank for pre running and long Baja trips on my 03 XR 650R when I owned it. Gets about 140 miles of riding in Baja. Some friends use the IMS 7.2 gallon Rally tank as well for long rides where gas isn't around always. It was designed in 2000 for the Australian Rally races. Only complaint would be the holes for the frame mount were hard to line up the first time when installing the 4.6. Gets easier once the tank is broken in though. All tanks in neutral to see fuel level while racing/riding.

On my 95 KLX 650, it came with the Acerbis 5.0 gallon tank in green. A big unit that gets about 175 miles. I changed it out to the IMS 3.4 gallon tank that now gets 90+ miles to the tank. The Acerbis needed extra plastic where the radiators tried to wear thru. Haven't had the same problem with the IMS tank though on the KLX.

Getting ready to mount an Suz DRZ 4.0 gallon IMS tank with the wings on my 04 Husky TC 450. Uptite Husky in Santa Ana, Ca. makes a mold to mount this tank on 04/05 Huskys. Current offerings for 04's are 3.1 gallon IMS tanks. For 05's IMS made a limited run of 4.0 gallon tanks by mistake. New tanks are being reduced to 3.5 gallons.

Hope this helps. Steny

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