WR450F for commuting?

how often do you have to check the valves on a WR450F? I'm looking for a bike that I can commute 3 miles each way on sunny days and ride in the mountains of colorado on the weekends.

My choices are really between a WR450F and a KTM 625 SXC. I know that the sxc is more meant for that kind of duty, but I've always been a WR fan. I'm sure that the WR is a much better offroader too. I'm just afraid that I'm going to have to do a lot more maintenance on the WR since it's not meant to be a road machine as much.

I was also looking to find a hp rating on the 450 and couldn't. Does anyone know?


Do you need the magic button? Another consideration could be the xr650r. Not sure about the valve inspection intervals, but the wr is super reliable for a high performance 4 stroke.

I would strongly recomend that you don't get the WR.

The WR doesnt have a cush drive rubber, and therefore extended pavement = gearbox failures.

I'm not sure if you mean that riding it no dirt tires all the time would make the tranny less reliable, but I would most likely have two sets of tires and rims. Is that what you're referring to? How would street riding be harder on the tranny then offroading?

Another bike I should consider I suppose is the CRF450X. It got good reviews, but I can't find anyone who has converted one to road duty yet.

I don't care if it's electric start. I used to have a 2000 WR400F and it was easy to start as far as I was concerned.

I have commuted across London for about 1000 miles (50 per day) and have done about 2000ish supermotard road miles on my 03 450 and the rest (another 2000ish) have been dirt miles. So far, no mechanical problems at all. I have done many oil changes and make a point of starting the bike with only real short bursts on the button. All is well :)

Did a timing chain recently purely as a precaution and I do keep on top of all servicing. As of now, gearbox is still sweet and I really can't fault the bike at all. Highly recommended. :)

Oh yeah, my 03 with a full Ackro exhaust system showed 49 bhp on the rolling road... :)

I've got 4 WR's some with 25000 miles and haven't had to adjust the valves yet!!

Still start right up, run strong, no oil consumption.

cush rubbers are rubber blocks, kinda pie shaped, that fit in between the rear sprocket and rear hub. there isn't a solid connexion between the rear hub and rear sprocket, so that when you're on black top bump and differences in the pavement aren't transmitted directly through the rear tire/rear hub and straight into the gear box. bikes like the old DR350s have cush blocks, meant for road use. bikes like the WR450 don't have cush blocks, they have bolt-on rear sprockets. even if some people with bolt-on rear sprocket bikes haven't had a problem, some have, and it's a serious problem. i wish i knew more, i would tell you more.

I met a new friend of a friend tonight that works at a bike dealership. He said that the cush blocks are good if you're going to race the bike on the pavement because it helps cushion the tranny from snap shifts. He said as long as you use the clutch and shift like a responsible rider on the street, then you won't have a problem. It makes sense to me... they build the trannies expecting dirt to give when you snap a super fast shift. If you're on pavement, then the tranny has to take up that extra snap.

I guess I'm back deciding DRZ400S, WR450F, or CRF450X.

Here in colorado, it's super easy to register any bike. They just make you sign some paper saying that it's legal, and you're off. Now if you get pulled over, you do need a horn, brake light, and DOT tires if they're really looking. But anyways... I guess I'll just look for a good deal on one of those three bikes and see what pops up.

If anyone does think I'm stupid for wanting to commute with one of the above bikes... please still say something.

If you are concerned with the tranny you can always get a slipper clutch, I do have one and they are a dream! I do race the bike supermoto, and ride around on the street. Oil Change, oil change, and more oil changes, valves checked after break in and they are still good after lots of track days 3000km hard use.

With the slipper clutch you can dump the gear from 5 to 2 or 1st with no concerns other than the slide you have created.

Also ride on the street with it, ride it like a sportbike and yes if I was only street rideing I would still get the slipper clutch.

down here in OZ, every WR is registered from the showroom floor. Yamaha place a big 'not suitable for road use' sticker on the rear fender. Thay class the bike as a 'competition enduro model'.

A WR with 25000 miles and no valve adjustments??? :) Even a WR with 25000 miles that still runs would be impressive!. If there was an icon with a man wanking himself I would use it now!

I got thinking... can't you add a cush hub to any bike? Then I'd have the ultra light bike I want and can abuse it on the street :)

I guess one other thing I should be worried about are the oil changes. If I'm putting on 50 miles a week, then I'm going to want to change the oil every 100 miles or so right? Although is that going to be different with any bike?

I got thinking... can't you add a cush hub to any bike? Then I'd have the ultra light bike I want and can abuse it on the street :)

I guess one other thing I should be worried about are the oil changes. If I'm putting on 50 miles a week, then I'm going to want to change the oil every 100 miles or so right? Although is that going to be different with any bike?

If you were to get a set of 17" alloys off a CBR or something else, that would work as they have the cush built in. Yes, you would want to change the oil every 100 miles for high rpm usage. At the end of the day, the WR is a race bike. It needs to be serviced and maintained like a race bike. When Yamaha decided on 1.3 litre oil capacity, they didnt have commuting in mind.

I use my WR 426 F everyday , about 15km , no problems.

I get to work , big smile on my face.

No tranny problem's , No valve problem's,Very regular oil change's.

You can't go wrong.


The slipper clutch is a good idea for street. Revloc and Rekluse "auto" clutch systems will also provide tranny relief with the added benefit of complete disengagement at idle.

i have a 98 wr400f wif 60000km+ on it n i've done oni 1 valve adjustment when i changed to yz450f auto decomp cam :) it's simply bulletproof!! :)

you can mod the 98 WR to make it Autodecomp? PLease tell me more!!!!

I ride my 98 WR 400 to work occasionally 10mi one way. <60MPH on the road, and you're in good shape, but >60, and I get a little nervous about the stability of the bike since it's designed to turn, and not designed to be stable at 60-70 MPH for long commutes. If you're going ~3 miles, at reasonable speed, I'd say go for it!!!! my new job will be short low speed commutes for 3-5 miles, and I'm looking forward to riding my bike every day :)

I agree with all of you who think the WR can make a great street bike. I love riding mine all over town. I have even taken day trips of close to 200mi. Same thing just change the oil and you will be fine. Put the Leo Vince pipe on, it rocks!

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