Remote hotstart for 426?

Has anyone made their own? I was installing a set of push button air bleeders into my forks today and starting thinking :) I thought one of the bleeders mounted on a block bolted to the clutch perch piped to the inlet manifold should work ok.

ive made one for my 400, took the little valve plunger thing off the subframe, and relocated it onto the bars, cause its awkward i have only zip-tyed it there for the moment, ran some pvc tubing to the inlet, blocked off the airbox hole with a rubber bung, and put some waterproof fish filter foam over the inlet hole for the hot start, it works ok. where i have it at the moment isnt that good, prob more awkward to use than down near the carb, but thought id try it anyway

sorry havnt got any pics, yet

cheers - Brett

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