rings, which one goes on the top?


It's time to do a full service on my 04 yz450, so I bought piston, gudgon pin, circlips and cam chain, all the other bits needed were supplied in the spares kit.

Here is the problem, the packets the rings are in aren't maked with any part numbers or markings of any sort. The oil control rings and spacer are no prob but I have 1 ring that looks a black and another that looks a little brown with some cross hatching on it.

Checking the old piston it looks like the one with the cross hatching may be the second ring. Any one done a re-ring recently may be able to help out.


looks like this got lost in all the post for the new bikes, anyway for the future if someone is searching the black/chrome ring goes 1st/top and the brown ring goes second/middle

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