Riding Copper Canyon Mexico

I plan to ride an eight day tour in Copper Canyon Mexico come this May with Rosens Rides. I purchased a 2000 wr400 which I plan to take. I have added a break switch and license plate, set of soft saddle bags, a 15 tooth front and 50 tooth rear sprocket, and a set of dual sport tires for it. The tour is a dual sport tour where we will be riding on the asphalt, dirt roads ect. The tour will be some 1400 miles.

I already expect to have a bad case of "Monkey Butt", but is there any other recommendations on bike preperation. I plan to run a full synthetic oil and change it every other day. That would be about 4 oil changes during the trip. Will I need to think about rejettin for Copper Canyon. I now live in Indiana elev. 0-1,000. Will a wr take that kind of daily riding in the heat having such a short stroke. Will it be wore out? I am gearing it taller, but do not want to loose all of its off road ability.(That's why were going down there.) If anyone has taken a wr on such a trip, talk to me.


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GUTS seat foam - your ass will thank you. I did 300 miles over 2 days in Mexico and could barely sit down for 3 days.

You might try Redline Water Wetter to help keep coolant temp down.


I have only read about Copper Canyon. It looks like a lot fun. Be sure to post a ride report when you get back.

Your bike should have no problems. There were several WR’s that finished the Baja 2000 (1700+ miles at race speeds ~40 hours straight) with no engine failures. Your oil changing regiment sounds like a pretty conservative approach. I think you could cut it down to 2 oil changes with no adverse effects. Definitely change to softer seat foam. I recently put in 260 miles in one day. I know I would have had SERIOUS monkey butt if I were still running the stock seat. I switched to Factory FX softer foam (stock height) which made all the difference in the world. I was little tired after that ride but no monkey butt whatsoever. The Guts soft foam is also taller than stock which may be desirable if you have long legs. Your 15/50 gearing selection should be a pretty good compromise. Brian’s recommendation to run Water Wetter also sounds like a good idea. You might look into a bar pack map case from http://www.cycoactive.com/mc/bp3.html for $40. It came in real handy for me during the LA-B2V ride. Kept my money, maps and even a throwaway camera within easy reach. I could even grab the camera, snap a pic and stow it while riding without too much difficulty.

Good Luck and let us know how it goes.


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