New 05 450- need some help please.

Hey guys, I just sold my 03 wr 250 and got the 05 wr 450. Really looking forward to the extra power on the monster hills.

I've been reading through lots of threads here, and have used the search feature too, but I'm having trouble with a couple of issues.

First, I live in Idaho. The dealer pulled the baffle, (and assured me the spark arrestor was still in the pipe) put in the yz throttle stop, cut the gray wire, and removed the snorkel on the air box (I think that's what he told me). I know he said they did a free mod on the airbox, just not exactly sure. I also had them throw on a 756 in the front. (Does this thing come with a 756 on the rear??) The stock front that came off was a 739, yet there's a 756 in back too! (Didn't pay extra for that one)

So yesterday I put on rad guards, and some high bend pro tapers along with a uni filter. Which gets me to where I am now...

I don't know if my bike comes with the AIS, or is that just California bikes?

I'm heading to the TT store and I want to get my order right. I'm assuming with all I've read that I'll need:

1. JD jet kit?

2. Zip ty fuel screw?

3. AIS removal kit?

Thanks a lot for the help guys, this place is such a great resource.

Hyper...yes to having an AIS and to your TT store may want to consider a more robust skid plate & bark busters...happy trails :) ...Cairn

Thanks for the help Cairn. :)

Well, just took the big bore out for initial motor break in. Never really got on it, but jeeeeebbbuuusss I could feel unlimited power :) . Just cruising in 3rd gear, braap and hold on, I absolutely love it.

I have to say though, I had the Devol rad guards on my 03 250 and they worked quite well, so when I picked this bike up, I grabbed some more Devols as I was impatient and figured they'd be fine. The thing is, they push the shroud mount out about 1" on each side as compared to where the shrouds mounted on the plastic louver that it came with. So much so in fact that I had to modify the plastic bracing on the back of the shroud (can't really see it) so that the shroud would hug the Devol guard tighter in order for all the screws to line up.

Can someone tell me where the shroud sits in relation to stock after installing the Uniguard rad guards? Do they let the shroud stay tight on the radiator, or do they kick the shrouds out some too?

I'm considering the Unabikers and hopefully dealer will take back Devols if there is substantial difference.

Congrats on your 450!!! You are one lucky dude I recall, the shrouds need to be pulled back about an inch to line up with the Unibiker (Uniguard?) rad modification required and the guards are as solid as a rock...good luck...Cairn :)

While you're at it, you might want a better skid/bash plate. I bought a Utah Sport Cycle plate (on the recommendation of the guys here on TT) after I put a nice ding in my frame tube from a rock. The stock plates protect the engine case, but not the frame at all. Also, the Utah plate provides way better coverage for the water pump cover and side cases.

These are all very good suggestions.... I know that when I put my Devol Rad guards on I had to kick them out about an inch also. I tried it a couple of ways and thats just the way they go on. I used to use the works guards but the don't hold up nearly as well as the devol's. Hyper...depending on where your at and what your riding conditions are you need to determin whether to go red or blue. As far as the Belly Guard, foolish not to get one....

cali, I thought I had an issue with my Uni guards when I installed them. The first one fit perfectly and the next one just wouldn't line up. I bent and pushed and twisted and finally re-read the instructions and found I had not put the back connector between the frame and tank mount but mounted it on the outside of the tank mount. Problem solved after I bent it back to original shape. Fits well.

Hey guys, thanks for all the help! Really appreciate it.

Cairn, do you mean the shrouds sit an inch wider on each side with the Unabikers? That's how they sit with the Devols. The three bolts up top on the shroud are just fine, but the bottom mount is kicked out about an inch when mounting to the Devol guard.

I'm probably the only one who'd notice that they sit a bit further out anyway. :)

I had a skidplate on the 250, looks like I'd better get another one pronto :D

Hey Cali, what do you mean choose red or blue? Sorry, over my head :) I recall the shrouds needed to be bent in (not out) about an inch to get them to line up with the bottom outside bolts...this can be done easily and I don't believe this puts much stress on the plastic or alters the appearance...Cairn

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