is there a diffrence...?

i get to choose from either a wr400f or a there really a big diffrence? if so what are the strengths and weaknesses?? i mostly trail ride but sum times i go to the dunes.....any suggestions? :)

If you ride any tight trails you will definately want the WR for the gearing set up. Its great to be able to put past my friends who are on YZs feathering the clutch up some steep mountain. If you do any kind of jumping you want the YZ because it has a bigger rear wheel and is already set up to handle the hits. The WR has a little softer suspension set up off the showroom floor. I have ridden my uncles YZ 426 and my WR 450, I have to say that the WR feels so much smoother through the gears, the YZ seemed a little choppier with the power, again an issue of the gearing. But as far as dunes are concerned, any four stroke rules out there, you can smoke a two stroke just because your traction is amazing on a thumper

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