XR650L -> Where to start!

A poser is someone that looks like they can ride put can't. I just got off the poser list and am ready to pose on the bike in the air!

Are you talking about me??? Are you??? :D LOL

Was too funny two weeks ago I was on the MX track (still on the beginner half) and some guy on the parking lot asks me if I could explain how to do those triples he hasn't figured out yet... hmmmm I had to admit to him that I still think that that are three single jumps and no triple :)

Man I must look fast in my outfit and he must not have seen me on the beginner track that day :)

I think in three years I'll explain it to him, but not after three months worth of weekend riding :D

Which club do you work at, the Spearmint Rhino?




oh, my! An "L" guy on stage!!! With a cupochino! I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die!!!! That was the funniest come back I have hurd yet!!!!! Thanks!! :)

I mean, that was totaly un-called for, you should be ashamed of yourself and go to your room, you mean spirited pe'r'son you. I mean really :)

Your riding a XR650L on a track!!??? You have got to be awesome. No wounder the guy was asking you questions! :D:)

LOL - I wish it would be with the XR, I can't even jump my CR right... :)

...but the entire thing got started when I bought the XRL last year. And then my son got so interested that I thought I get him that PW80 I found cheap here local. Because the lack of transportation for my bike I went the first couple times with only his bike to the only place I knew around here - the MX track in North Caronlina. So looking at that stuff I knew that was nothing for my XRL to have fun with. Thats why I bought that CR250 this spring and now I'm trying to stay ahead of my son but I think in a couple years he gets me :D

I've been riding almost all my live (mostly street bikes) and took a almost 10 year break - don't know why. The XRL was the best thing that happened to me - a real wise decision to buy that thing, the only regret I have - I should have done it 10 years ago...

Seriously, jumping is an inch at a time. As I did when I started, now my kids did when they started to jump (actually they said, "Noway!") they sarted by rolling the jumps like you said, you are now. Then It was a inch at a time. Even if you have been jumping a jump for a long time the next day you have to warm up. Just blasting a jump is for the young guys that can still bounce and then bounce back :) Almost everytime I get hurt is because I don't warm up or check it out first.


you are absolutely right, I am working my way up right now. I think I got allot better compared to the beginning when I constantly jumped end up or front way up. Man did I feel embarrassed when every kid on their little 2smoker on the track blasted me away the first 2-3 times we went.

And still, I don't get it right every time. What helped big time was taking the digital camera and taking little videos and picture sequences. I still catch me getting off the gas to early and ending up with the rear way up. But on the video you can definitely see what you did wrong.

I can't wait to go next time on the MX track to try it different. Just its not the choice just by me. My buddy is not that good so we always toggle back and forth between the trail riding place and the MX place depending if he joins us or not. One thing, it was great for my son as well, the MX track was way to tight for my son to get the right feeling for his bike. Since we found that trail riding place here and went the past few months there his riding has improved so much you would recognize him anymore if you just knew him from the MX place.

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