Weight: WR 426 vs. WR 450 ??

Ok. This will sound funny to everyone here. Well, I rode a buddy's green sticker 2005 wr 250 last week and I thought it was great: good easy to use power; good suspension; easy to ride; light but not too light to stay on the ground.... My current rides are 2002 kx 125 and a 2003 klx 300......I weigh 165 lbs and am a novice rider. Well guess what, that 2005 wr 250 is actually a 2005 wr 450!!! My buddy had a spare 250 rr fender on to save his original 450 one from damage. How funny huh??

He also has a wr 426 hat he is selling, but how much more does the 426 bike weigh than the 2005 wr 450?


the 426 is only a few lbs heavier on paper, but feels heavier because it's weight is higher.

The 426 is green sticker. If it is in good shape, snag it, unless you want to fork out the bucks for a new 05 WR450. 426's are going fast in California. If in good shape, usually the first guy to come see it, buys it.

Since you are light and a novice, adjust some extra sag into the rear shock (loosen shock collars) until you get used to the bike. This will insure that you can touch the ground while stradling it.

As Hamish said above, the 426 is taller and has a higher center of gravity, but, it is a great bike and nice ones are easy to sell in California. :)

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